Sunday, November 4, 2018

Parts 1 to 6 Summary of Building your Mobile App

Through all of my development work, I like to outline simple repeatable steps to my development methodology.  This not only helps keep consistency, it also guides me through the development process.

I would like to provide the steps we have taken so far, excluding the one-time setup specific to your development machine.

1. Create new ASP.NET Core 2.1 projects using Visual Studio for the API and Core functionality

2. Create a client side Ionic project using Visual Studio Code

3. Build interfaces in your client side project (repeat as needed)
  a. Create or update a simple sketch of a page or component using
  b. Create a new page or component or identify existing page to edit
  c. Edit html to build the interface for the page or component
  d. Create or update a ViewModel for the page or component
  e. Bind ViewModel to the page (edit ts file to declare object and html to add bindings)

To this point, the actual building of the application has required fairly minimal work.

In the next post we will do some work in the server side project to setup the database and continue on our journey to build our mobile app.  I will continue to have summaries and add to the above outline such that you always know the next step when developing your applications.

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